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Float Room Pro XL

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Why a Royal Spa Float Room is a Great Choice

  • low noise
  • superior air quality
  • effective and efficient purification system
  • easy to clean
  • low cost maintenance
  • energy efficient
  • durable materials
  • Internal/external equipment options

Float Room Pro XL Features

Includes 30 gpm pump, UV+ozone, music system, blue light, inline heater, under tank heaters and maintenance kit.



117 x 75 x 24 in.

Water capacity

239 gallons

Electrical requirements

220V/20AMP/3-wire with ground
GFI protection required
Hubble L14-30 receptacle or equivalent

Dry weight

700 lbs

Filled weight

2600 lbs

Purification system

UV + Ozone

Additional considerations

Float tub must be placed on a hard, level surface.
All work must be done to local codes and ordinances.
Mechanicals may be placed in different location — consult Royal Spa representative.
Proper in-room HVAC must be installed to accommodate humidity.


Pump and Circulation

Our energy efficient pump is just the right size to turn over the solution without creating other problems. An unnecessarily large pump forces too much salt in the air. This is especially bad for HVAC systems, electronic components, and computers. Worst of all it drives away customers because of the negative impact on air quality.

The pump is very quiet. You can have the pump running in one room and someone floating in the room beside it at the same time without disturbing their float.

Our pump will not overheat the solution. A pump motor that is too big moves the solution to quickly, creating unnecessary friction. This causes the solution to overheat. It can take hours to get the temperature back down to an appropriate level.

Purification and Filtration

Save time and money with our approach to filtration. We use a simple and inexpensive filter available at any pool supply store in the U.S.

Placement of the filter inside the tank helps prevent spillage of the solution on the surrounding floor. It also protects the pump motor and electrical components.

Trust us. You’ll come to greatly appreciate that design feature.

Tanks are equipped with dual skimmers. This insures the surface integrity of the solution. The skimmer basket is located inside the tank, which is a requirement of many local municipalities.

Ozone and UV purification insures bacteria and viruses are eliminated from the solution, tank surfaces, and air.

Control System

We offer a computer controlled system for businesses who want to control multiple tanks. This allows central control of the tanks for starting and stopping the circulation process, lighting, and music.

Our clinical tanks have simpler components designed for in-room controls.

Heating System

A 3000 watt flow-through titanium heating system creates approximately 10,000 BTU’s. This is needed to insure the salt can melt in a reasonable amount of time.

Under the tank is a waterbed style heating system which operates during a float. These two 500 BTU elements help replace heat that is loss while a person is in the tank.


Convective currents inside the pod create fresh air for the floater while the lid is closed.


The tank has a single light window with 3 lighting options: 24 LEDs, 9 LEDs, or a single blue LED, which is what we recommend. Multi-colored options are available.


Unlike our competitors who use a polyester based resin we use a specialized resin formulated for chemical storage tanks. Magnesium sulfate solution is particularly destructive. A regular polyester resin will blister over time from contact with the solution.


All of our models have a 3.5mm input jack. Bluetooth is optional. (The pairing process can be difficult for users in a multiple tank setting). Commercial models also have a 2-way intercom system.


5-year structural warranty
5-year shell warranty
1-year surface warranty

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