"I've owned three Health Mate Saunas over the past 20 years to help with my arthritis pain and body aches. The soothing infrared therapy I receive at home is, in my opinion, better than taking prescription pills from my Dr's office!" - Ted S. Biloxi, MS


"As a licensed physical therapist, it's imperative my clients receive the best care during injury recovery. Using a Health Mate Sauna as an in-office method for decreasing pain and improving mobility has improved the lives of countless individuals." - Joan L. - Escondido, CA


"My wife and I both have had cardiovascular and respiratory issues for years. Our kids bought us a Health Mate for our anniversary recently and we've noticed marked improvements in our health. Thanks for making this innovative and life enhancing product!" - Bill S. - Toledo, OH


"Poor sleep has plagued me for years. Tired of tossing and turning all night due to the stresses of juggling a career, family and friends, I bought a Health Mate Sauna at a recent home show and have never been happier. The cedar wood smells so good and the heat really penetrates my skin. After my new nightly sauna ritual, I'm sleeping much better and sounder!" Anna K. - Austin, TX


"After months of internet research (and several phone calls) on the various brands, my wife and I decided on a Health Mate Sauna because of their Tecoloy heaters and full-spectrum infrared capabilities. We didn't find any competitor who offered more for the value. Couldn't be more pleased with the decision." - Jerry C. - Peabody, MA


"I am one of those people who values longevity when doing business with a company. 40 years is a pretty long time so Health Mate must be doing something right. Love my Enrich II model!!" - Sarah C. - Savannah, GA


"I've been plagued with joint pain for years. All the treatments in the world couldn't compare to the relief found after just a few sauna 'sessions' in my Renew model. Best investment in my health ever made!" - Josh H. - Los Alamitos, CA


"We just moved into a new home with an unfinished basement and decided to place a two-seater infrared sauna near our exercise equipment. After researching, we decided on Health Mate because we loved the aesthetic appeal, all-cedar construction and technology." Shawna B. - Buffalo, NY


"I've wanted a home sauna for years but my wife always said they were 'too expensive' and to continue using the one at the gym. I showed her a couple of Health Mate models and her tune quickly changed. We got a really good deal and I finally get to relax without strangers around me!" - Rob S. - Duluth, MN


"As a competitive athlete, it's important to always be on point with my game. I've been using a Health Mate as part of my training routine for years. It's helped reduce muscle cramps, minimize pain quickly and increases my metabolism to help make weight. My coaches and fellow warriors all have their own, too. Anything for that edge, right? Keep up the good work team!" - Garrett L. - Little Rock, AR


"Best investment in my health...ever! I'll recommend your products to everyone I know!!" - Candace M. - Fargo, ND


"I visited Health Mate Sauna at a recent local home & garden convention and haven't been able to shake how beautiful and well-crafted they looked. Finally caved in and bought one last month and now kicking myself for waiting even that long! Total bliss and definitely a conversation starter!" - Bill G. - Evansville, IN


"Loving the chromotherapy colors (near-infrared) and how they each represent a different wellness characteristic. Been experimenting with different settings each night and found I like PURPLE the best so far!" - Grace M. - San Antonio, TX


"Set up and installation was a total breeze. My son and I assembled our Enrich III in about a half hour and we didn't need to hire an electrician. As someone who isn't very "handy" when it comes to building things, I'm grateful Health Mate design their units with simplicity and ease in mind." - Dan K. - Flagstaff, AZ