Airpura R614 Super HEPA Air Purifier

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Airpura R614 Super HEPA Air Purifier

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Brand new factory sealed

Product Features

If you've been thinking about how great it would be to have dramatically improved air quality in your home or office, the Airpura R614 is your answer. The R614 is identical to the R600 except with a Super HEPA upgrade from the the True HEPA. From one of the clear leaders in the field, Airpura delivers with one of thier most popular air purifiers.  With it's 560 CFM motor, 18 lbs X 2 inch thick high quality activated granular carbon, a medical grade True HEPA and prefilter, it delivers one of the best values for cleaning up a full spectrum of air quality issues you might find in your home.  It covers 2000 sq ft cleaning and scrubbing the air of chemicals, odors and gases, while filtering 99.99% of air particulate down to 0.3 micron's in size with the Super HEPA filter. So the unit is great for cleanup of dust, animal dander, pollen, mold / mildew spores, dust mites,odors and smells.


  • Super HEPA ==> 99.99% of airborne particles ≥ 0.3 microns

  • ULPA HEPA ==> 99.9999% of airborne particles ≥ 0.12 microns *

    • * Reduces airflow in unit by 40-50%, and reduces carbon life by 40-50%, which means you should plan on covering 1000 sq ft or less of area at 2 air exchanges per hour

    • ULPA stands for Ultra Low Particulate Air


  1. For some situations you may need more than one unit.  We always recommend starting with one unit and only adding if necessary.

  2. You can tell when your carbon is saturated and needs replacement.  It will emit a foul smell because it is no longer absorbing.

  3. Carbon becomes brittle after 6-7 years and unable to absorb well regardless of usage. 

    With it's 3 stage design the Airpura R614 Air purifier is perfect for use in medical offices, meeting rooms, businesses, basements, homes, and anywhere you need air purifiers for larger areas. It is a great all around air purifier to help with reducing airborne issues and odors and provides great value in it's class and price range.  


    • Odors, airborne chemical control: 18 lbs activated carbon 13" x 13" x 9"

    • Carbon bed: 2" deep x 570 sq'' surface

    • Particle removal: Super HEPA rated to handle 99.99% of particulate to 0.3 microns

    • Air Flow: 560 cfm - More cfm than any other residential unit available

    • Pre-filter:570 sq in x 1in

    • Housing:Powder coated solid steel

    • Dimensions:  23" in x 15" in

    • Operating Weight: 45lbs total

    • Power options: 110V Standard or 220V option

    • VoltageEnergy used (Watts) : 120 on high  40 on low

    • Sound Level: 28.1 db on low (at 6 feet), 62.3 db on high at 6 feet

    • ETL Certified: Conforms to CSA C22.2 no 113 ANSI / UL 507

    • Room Coverage: Up to 2000 Sq. Ft. with 2 air exchanges per hour

    • Made in Canada

    • Variable speed controls

    • Warranty: 5 years parts, 10 years labor.


      • Prefilter:

        • Clean regular with vacuum from exterior of unit.

        • Replace every 12 months in normal usage

        • HEPA Filter

          • Change every 4-5 years in normal usage

          • Carbon Filter

            • Change every 24-30 months under normal usage

            WHAT’S IN THE BOX

            • 1 Airpura R614 Air Purifier

            • 1 Owner’s Manual

            • 1 of each initial filter required

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