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Alaskan Yellow Cedar Round Hot Tub

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Robert's Hot Tubs has set the industry standard for quality wooden hot tubs since 1976. Our traditional round tubs are individually crafted from the thickest and finest clear, heart, and vertical grain wood. We simply do not compromise on the quality and craftsmanship of our wood tubs!

True Alaskan Yellow Cedar has been recognized as a unique wood species by the American Lumber Standards Committee.

Prized for its high strength, beautiful appearance and high natural decay resistance, Alaskan yellow cedar is classified as the strongest and most durable of all the cedars in the world.

Until recently, we haven’t been able to find a consistent source of quality Alaskan Yellow Cedar that meets our quality demands for our traditional wooden hot tubs. Our tubs are built with nothing but finest and thickest high quality woods and the demand far outweighs the supply for beautiful and durable cedar.

It’s been our good fortune to have recently partnered with a small family owned mill that specializes in Alaskan Yellow Cedar. They have agree to supply Roberts Hot Tubs with the absolute finest and most beautiful hand selected Alaskan Yellow Cedar to be used in our hot tubs.

The quality of this wood is unsurpassed and it’s totally clear with no knots, all heart wood from the center of the tree, is perfectly straight and tight grained.

Our Alaskan Yellow Cedar tubs are constructed from full-sawn 2 x 6 clear, all heart, vertical grain wood. Both the staves and the bottom have a 1 1/2″ to 1-3\4″ net finished thickness.

Please Note: 4' tubs do not come with a circle bench, but rather a single slab bench.

Included in Tub only purchase: Tub, Full circle bench with supports, Bands with hardware, and Chine joists.

Included in a System purchase: Tub, Full circle bench with supports, Bands with hardware, Chine joists,11kW heater OR a 125k BTU heater, 6x4 insulated foam cover in Weather Shield Mahogany, Plumbing kit with 4 jets, Pump, Filter, and Sanitation system.

Tub Assembly: will only include the assembly of wooden portions assembled at our warehouse and shipped in a crate, THIS IS NOT AN INSTALLATION SERVICE! *If you would like the equipment assembled please call in to get a quote for the cost.

Please Note: The tub/system pricing above does not include freight shipping, and a freight quote will be determined after purchase and added to your invoice for final payment.

Tub and equipment assembly
6" thick concrete slab

Equipment Requirements:
5.5kW: 240V 40a
11kW: 240V 60a
125K BTU: 240V 20a and 1" gas line.
Heat Pump: 20amp & 50 Amp 240V

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