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Alpha Fuzion Pod

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Alpha Fuzion Pod

Item Condition                        

Brand new factory sealed


Product Features

Himalayan Salt w/LED; Fit Bed; Heated Bed; Oxy ready; includes standard pedestal; No Windows. No OxyOasis.

Alpha FuzionTM Multi-Sensory POD
IDEC Control System: 8-inch LCD color touch-screen digital controller
Wellness Software: Ten (10) preset wellness programs
Interactive Guided Reality: Six (6) eScapes™ programs
FIT•BED Fitness System: Exercise system; Adjustable exercise resistance bands for wellness exercise and/or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Dry Heat System: Precise multi-port dry heat air (ambient up to 194°F) system
Radiant Heat: Radiant whole body heating system
Ambient Light: Colorful (RYGB) ambient mood lights
Vibration Massage: Dual motor adjustable wave vibration for back, legs or whole body
Himalayan Pure Crystal Salt: 5” x 5” salt-cave tile for refreshing salt-air — LED illuminated
Heated Ergonomic Bed: Ergonomic body contour cushioned bed with built-in heat pad system
Privacy Visor: Frosted acrylic privacy visor for serene mindfulness, relaxation or sleep.
Facial Air System: Adjustable cooling face air fan
Aroma System: Four (4) separate aroma diffusers
POD Enclosure: Commercial-grade fiberglass enclosure with clear superior resistant germicidal gel coat
POD Enclosure Color: Soft white
Height Closed: 39" / 99 cm Height Open: 89" / 226 cm
Length: 89" /226 cm Weight: 260 lbs / 118 kg
Widest Point: 35" / 89 cm Narrow Point: 22"/ 56 cm
Voltage: 220 V 50/60 Hz
Amperage: Dedicated 15 Amp service required
Warranty: One (1) year standard system warranty and Two (2) year chamber extended warranty
Designer Pedestal: 7”/17.78 cm height

Product Description

8" IDEC LCD; 6 eScapes Guided Reality; 11 Preset Programs; Infrared wings; privacy visor; acrylic face (2 modules) LED display; 9 red/green/yellow/blue LEDs (6 chamber, 2 face,1 Himalayan)

18 Integrated Wellness Technologies
8" LCD Panel with 11 preset programs + eScapes
Dry Heat Convection + Infrared
8 red/green/yellow/blue Chromolight LED Modules
Independent Body & Face Chromolight Control System
Heated Vibration massage bed, Himalayan Salt w/LED
O ready, FitBed System
Pedestal Optional
Cooling Face Fan
Automatic 4-Aromatherapy System
Touch-Free. No Attendant Required

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