COASTS Sauna Heater for Spa Sauna Room - 9KW - 240V - Inner Controller - Stainless Steel Shell

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Coasts sauna heater is reliable, economical, and durable. The heater will heat up according to the user pre set working timer and temperature by timer and thermostat. The factory default working time is 45 minutes. This heater is designed with a high temperature cut off safety device. When the room temperature is too high, it will automatically turn off. Enjoy the health benefits of your sauna including detoxification, fatigue elimination, and muscle relaxation with Coasts Sauna Heater. Reliable performance, energy saving, and terrific value.

Due to the nature of the 220V-240V hardwired heater unit, an electrician is recommended upon installation.


  • Sauna Heater 9KW 240V Inner Controller Stainless Steel Shell
  • Energy saving with CE certification. Inner tank is made of high temperature resistant galvanized sheet. External shell is made of 201 stainless steel.
  • Rust resistant. Corrosion resistant. Special cover enhances the structure strength against deformation under high temperature.
  • Heats to a maximum of 220 degrees Fahrenheit/105 degrees Celsius; For safest use in traditional saunas, it is recommended to use heater at 150-175 degrees Fahrenheit
  • UL certified heating elements made of stainless steel. Designed with a high temperature cut off safety device.
  • Suitable for home use and commercial use.

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