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Enlighten RUSTIC - 2 Slope Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

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RUSTIC - 2 Slope Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

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2 Person Rustic Canadian Cedar Outdoor Sauna is yet another great unit that offers the benefits of healing. It is slightly different than its predecessor Sierra 2. The only and the most noticeable difference is in its design. Rustic 2 Infrared sauna has more glass, while Sierra 2 contains more wood. This feature is simply cosmetic and depends only on your personal preference.

Rustic 2 is designed for up to 2 people to enjoy. But do not underestimate its size. This unit will deliver a powerful sauna session, whether it is you alone or the two of you. This compact and cozy personal sanctuary will enlighten you, your loved one and create a fantastic relaxation and detox. The perfect recipe for a healthy living right in your own garden!

6 Carbon Heaters together with 2 Full Spectrum provide awesome effectiveness of infrared therapy – safely and comfortably.

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  • Adjust. Temp.:0-149 F
  • Heaters Number:7 Heaters
  • Heaters Type:Low EMF Full Spectrum/Carbon
  • Timer:0 - 60 mins
  • Near/Mid IR Wavelength:0 to 5 microns
  • Far IR Wavelength:6 to 12 microns



  • Width:46"
  • Depth:46"
  • Height:73"
  • Bench:42" x 22"


  • Width:50"
  • Depth:50"
  • Height:86"


  • Roof Width:60"
  • Roof Depth:60"


  • Number of Boxes:5
  • Product Weight:800 lbs
  • Shipping Weight:850 lbs


  • Amperage:20 Amp
  • Plug:NEMA 5-20p
  • Voltage:110/120 V
  • Wattage:2250 W


Sauna Dimension Scheme

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