Outdoor Sturdy Child Swing Set with 2 Swings, Trapeze, Glider, and Slide

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Encourage your kids to be active and play outdoors with this beautiful Multi-play 4 Unit Swing Set with Slide. Our child Swing Set combines safety, style, comfort, and fun. Great for all year round, it features easy to clean seats and weather-resistant ropes. Assembly is simple and straightforward. Rest easy knowing your children are having fun in the security of one’s own backyard. Designed for children from 3 to 12 years old. The durable anti-slip swing seat provides safety, while the dual swing design cuts down waiting time. The 2-Person glider mirrors the structure of a seesaw, promoting friendship and interaction among children. The glider comes with footrests and tube handles for increased support while riding. The included Trapeze bar facilitates upper body strength, while the gliding slide allows for more giggles with built-in waves for extra fun. Built with a strong steel frame, this set anchors into the ground for increased safety and additional support. Total dimensions: 7.75 x 10.7 x 6.2 feet.


  • Our Multi-play 4 Unit Swing Set with Slide is great for outdoor use all year round

  • Kids benefit from the frequent physical activity granted by having an accessible swing set

  • Parents benefit from having children secure in the backyard

  • Constructed with a sturdy steel frame, rope, and plastic anti-slip seats

  • Anchors into the ground for safety

  • Dual Swings cut down waiting time to keep the high-flying adventures going

  • Trapeze bar allows children to simultaneously build upper body strength while having fun

  • Glider accommodates (2) children at a time and includes (2) footrests and (2) tube handles

  • 2-Person glider mirrors the structure of a seesaw, helping promote friendship and interaction among children

  • Designed for children from 3 to 12 years old

  • Maximum kids on swing set at the same time: 6

  • Maximum Supported Weight: 600 lbs total

  • Trapeze Bar Width: 15 inches

  • Swing Seat Width: 15 inches

  • Material: Steel with Plastic Chair and Slide

  • Includes: (2) Swing Seats, (1) Trapeze, (1) 2-Person Fun Glider, (1) Slide

  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 7.75 x 10.7 x 6.2 feet (93 x 128 x 74 inches)

  • Product Weight: 78 lbs

  • Color: Green, Brown, and Beige

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