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Sauna Wellness Pro 3

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Sauna Wellness 3

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Product Features

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Specification Manual

Exterior: 47"W x 41"D x 78"H

Interior: 44"W x 31"D x 73"H

Capacity: 2 Person (as shown)*


Eco-Friendly Canadian Hemlock

Weight: 287 lbs

Certifications: CE/ETL/


6 Robust Infrared Heaters with

Far and Mid Infrared Wavelengths:

g 5 Carbon Far Infrared (FIR) Heaters

g 1 Ceramic Mid-Far Infrared (M-FIR) Heater

Power: 110V /1980W/18A (Requires dedicated 20A outlet)

**6 carbon heaters and 1 ceramic heater are placed in the 2 person 220V model


* 3 & 4 person saunas also available.



3 Red Chromo-Light Modules

The 3 overhead chromo-light modules feature holistic energy red lights for beautiful illumination & serene ambiance.

Jade Gemstones

Jade is a semi-precious gemstone and natural conductor of far infrared heat. The 72 jade stones are placed on the floor and seat to emit mid and far infrared energy

5 Carbon Fiber Far Infrared Heaters (FIR)

Carbon infrared heaters with low EMF emissions surround the body with soothing far infrared heat.

Digital LED Control Panel with Speakers

AM/FM Radio, Bluetooth, MP3/USB Port, Speakers & Sauna Function Controls for added luxury and precise temperature settings.

Ceramic Mid/Far Infrared Heater (MIR/FIR)

Ceramic heater is located on the front panel to eliminate cold spots and provide mid & far infrared heat to the legs, feet & whole body.

3 Diamond-shaped Wall Panels

with 75 Tourmaline Gemstones

Semi-precious tourmaline gemstones have the ability to emit infrared heat and negative ions to help cleanse the air and warm the sauna chamber with full surround far-infrared natural energy.




Product Description


SaunaWellness™ IR-PRO

Multi-Energy Infrared System

Holistic Heating - Premium Wellness

SaunaWellness™ IR-PRO Chromo-RED 3 utilizes Far and Mid-range Infrared Heat to warm the body from the inside out. Because infrared heat is so unique, it is comfortable & effective at lower temperatures (100°-150°) and differs from a traditional dry heat sauna system, which requires temperatures up to 180°-200°.

The SaunaWellness IR-PRO’s radiant infrared heat system has premium features which are unique and superior amongst all commercial infrared saunas. It’s a holistic multi-energy infrared sauna with 6 IR heaters and Jade & Tourmaline gemstone natural energy IR emitters. This advanced infrared system generates more far infrared for faster heating and premium wellness.

Carbon-Far (FIR) Infrared Heater System

FIR transfers energy effectively warms the body with radiant heating. Its properties help to promote a healthy natural perspiration and holistic sweat, similar to exercise. Radiant heat waves indirectly heat your body and are similar to the warm rays you feel from the sun.

Ceramic-Mid (MIR) Infrared Heater System

Mid-range Infrared heat has a slightly shorter wavelength than Far-Infrared heat and is great for whole body heating.

A Premium Wellness infrared sauna system that out performs all infrared saunas



 Dual Spectrum Infrared (IR) Wavelengths Using 5 Separate Heaters

Our exclusive Dual Spectrum IR system allows the user to experience the benefits of 5 IR heaters with 2 distinct wavelengths for Far & Mid infrared heat. The Far IR Carbon Heaters are placed near the back, sides, & floor of the sauna to provide full-surround whole body even heating and warmth. Mid IR Ceramic Heaters are placed in the front of the sauna to eliminate cold spots & accelerate heating.

RED Chromo-Lights

SaunaWellness™ IR-PRO has 3 RED chromo-light stations. The holistic energy RED Light stations beautifully illuminate and enhance the sauna ambience for a soothing and greater relaxation wellness experience.

Tourmaline Gemstones

For added wellness benefits, 3 Diamond-shaped wall panels with 75 large Tourmaline semi-precious gemstones have been added into the sauna. When heated, tourmaline gemstones emit negative ions which contribute to purifying the air in the sauna chamber. Additionally, tourmaline is a natural emitter of far infrared energy as an added infrared boost.

Jade Gemstones

Jade is one of the most sought after semi-precious gemstones worldwide and is included in our saunas for wellness benefits. The 72 Jade stones have been strategically placed on the floor and seat of the sauna cabin. When heated, Jade absorbs the far infrared heat to smoothly and gently emit its own natural IR photons throughout the sauna chamber .


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