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The HUB300 PRO TotalStorage System

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As the market shifts in focus to strength and functional training, facilities face challenges in freeing up space for functional areas and accessory storage.  Renting more space is not a viable option.  The existing space must be more efficiently utilized and the clutter of functional accessories eliminated.  

The HUB300™ PRO Total Storage System reduces cost and improves member experience.

Replaces 10 product-specific storage units at a lower total purchase cost.

Saves money by reducing floor space requirements for functional areas.
Frees up over 150+ square feet (10+ square meters)

Adds facility layout flexibility, versatility, more convenient for members.

Clean, organized design which eliminates the clutter of accessories.

A place for EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING in its place.

Connect functional accessories to create training stations: Landmine, Battle Rope and resistance bands and tubes.

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